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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The New Media Really Does Move Mountains

Michael Malone uses the reaction to his media bias column to exemplify the newfound strength of the blogosphere and the power of the media. It's interesting stuff:

So, what did I learn from this experience? That it is possible in this new cyber-world to be a lone writer sitting at his laptop in suburbia and write something that actually changes the course of events and, momentary at least, sets the national debate. I also learned that the raw power -and the ability to mobilize people — of the Web and the blogosphere is both immense and growing fast. But legitimacy is still conferred by the traditional media - which makes their duty to be fair and unbiased even greater.

It's an experience I had, albeit on a much lesser scale, with Glenn Reynold's discovery of my blog last week. It's simply jaw dropping to watch one's readership skyrocket from a measly 35 a day (most of them probably me checking for grammatical errors and three loyal friends who think I'm crazy) to a powerful 3,200, intently reading my opinions on the 2008 Presidential election. I actually had a number of readers who clicked 'refresh' every five minutes for two hours during my liveblogging session

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