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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Meaning of 'Regarding Liberty'

Okay, so this will be a morphing post, simply because the name of my blog changes on almost a daily basis.

For those of you who were around this long (and there's not many of you), the title was originally meant to look like an email subject line, appearing as "Re: Liberty". While it was creative, that also meant the title of my blog was "Re: Liberty", and to be honest, no one really Googles "Re:" that often. Desperate for readers (as I still am, quite unfortunately), I changed it to "Regarding Liberty," That comma just looked stupid though, and I got rid of it. So that's the actual origin of the title.

Regarding Liberty itself originally was titled after my blindly libertarian views which I have since renounced (or, if I haven't done formally, I am doing now). In a political debate with several friends, I just couldn't justify somewhere in the range of 50% of my thoughts. Needless to say, that sent me back to the drawing board, where I looked back at my former "drank the punch" conservative self. (As much as I wish I did, I didn't actually originally call myself a "drank the punch" conservative... that came from a now nonextinct blogger over here). Anyway... I revamped my whole politic again, meeting somewhere in the middle of my blind libertarianism and exceptionally extreme hard-ass Republican bullshit. I now call myself a moderate conservative with a weird little twist I'll explain at a later date. For now though, Regarding Liberty means that the blog is dedicated to the understanding of how liberty was constitutionally intended to be the key element in our society, how it does and doesn't fill that role that now, and how I am liberated, ironically, from libertarianism. You now know the reason for the title. Throw a party.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Don't be afraid to change your mind. Someone said Ayn Rand was a good place to start but a poor place to end up. I agree. I have flirted with both the more radical right and the Libertarian ends of the conservative spectrum but considered myself mainstream conservative most of my life. I now consider myself a right-leaning pragmatic centrist. We grow and we learn but circumstances and the spectrum also shift. Sometime labels keep us from thinking.