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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Required Reading

So I've established that I need to give some homework to all you six loyal readers out there (and anyone else who wants to tag along). Here's a little required reading:

some short stuff:

Nuke the Moon, Frank J.
Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson
A Thank You Letter, LTC Jim Crider
The Case Against War on Iraq, Howard Zinn
Abortion: Trust Me, It's Murder, Will Conway
A Note on Labels: Why "Libertarian", David Boaz
Rathergate: The Cover-Up, Scott Johnson

heavier stuff:

An Army of Davids, Glenn Reynolds
Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg
Until Proven Innocent, Stuart Taylor, KC Johnson
Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man?, Charles Barkley
Danger Close, Michael Yon


g&h with Jonah Goldberg
g&h with John McCain

other stuff

and always, Day by Day Cartoon, Chris Muir

So check some of that stuff out, it's really good stuff. I love that word, stuff.... stuff, stuff, stuff. Anyways... hope you enjoy it.

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