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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Election Coverage

Welcome to the show, boys. Stick around, I'll be updating frequently
  • 10:36: Oh, and one final point. We have elected President a black man named Barack Hussein Obama. Can we officially claim racism dead, now? More on this tomorrow, but that statement stands on its own, I believe. Now, I really am going to bed.
  • 10:30: That was an awful night. I'm going to bed. 
  • 10:22: It doesn't annoy me that Obama won. Well, it does, but what annoys me astronomically more is the ignorance of his voters. That, I promise, is the last time I ever link to a Howard Stern video.
  • 10:13: Shays lost. He conceded defeat about 30 minutes ago.
  • 10:05: PJM and Instapundit both just called the election for Obama. That shouldn't be a big deal; I did like three hours ago.
  • 10:00: Iowa goes to Obama, McCain wins Utah. Oh, and Texas, obviously.
  • 9:57: Nevada, Iowa, Utah and Montana are closing at 10. Nevada will be interesting to see.
  • 9:54: Things are still going poorly for Chris Shays.
  • 9:43: John McCain got West Virginia - no surprises there.
  • 9:40: As far as CT state politics go, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney won his reelection bid.
  • 9:32: Haha: "Welcome your new overlords.
  • 9:31: A diamond in a pile of poop: McCain just grabbed Louisiana.
  • 9:25: If Jim Himes ends up beating Shays in the 4th District, you can expect about 50% of my future posts to be investigating his campaign, as well as his future office.
  • 9:23: Fox called Ohio for Obama. That could be the election right there.
  • 9:14: Ha. This is what our local news reports. This is what really happened.
  • 9:08: Things aren't looking good for Shays in CT. With 28% recorded, he's down 65%-35%.
  • 9:05: The popular vote is currently at 50% to 49% in Obama's favor. Wow, really close.
  • 9:01: NY, RI, MN, NM, WI go Obama. WY, ND, and MI for McCain
  • 8:57: A whole bunch of 'em close in two minutes. More then.
  • 8:50: Absentee ballots in Ohio are breaking heavily for Barack Obama (70%). It doesn't worry me too much.
  • 8:40: Georgia goes to McCain. To paraphrase Brit Hume: "Republicans can take comfort in the fact that Obama didn't... win... or pull off a huge upset in Georgia. Shit, I need a nap." - It was something like that.
  • 8:31: Arkansas went to McCain, obviously. Kerry won his Senate seat back in MA as well. No major news there.
  • 8:22: Jeanne Shaheen wins against John Sununu 57% to 40% in NH
  • 8:10: Fox News called Kay Hagan as victorious over Elizabeth Dole.
  • 8:04: Most outlets gave PA to Obama, although FOX is being stubborn. That's a big story. McCain needs Virginia now.
  • 8:03: Biden just got his senate seat back.
  • 8:00: Polls just closed pretty much everywhere in the east. MA, DC, IL, NH, MA, NJ and my home state of CT were just declared for Obama - no surprises there. Oklahoma went to McCain, also no surprises.
  • 7:55: ABC reports a status quo black turnout. 
  • 7:47: South Carolina was just called for McCain, and Virginia appears to be strongly in his favor right now. That is with only 6% in, but it's a start.
  • 7:45: I've noticed that I am the only blogger who liveblogs the right direction - newer entries to the top. It makes extraordinary sense.
  • 7:35: Fox calls West Virginia for McCain Oh, and much thanks to Glenn Reynolds for his second link of the day.
  • 7:33: NBC also reports that, in Indiana, moderates are breaking in favor of Obama 63% to 36%.
  • 7:21: This 8-3 lead by McCain could be the last time McCain holds the lead. Hey - I'm not a pessimist, just sayin'!
  • 7:03: Setting up shop now, sorry for the three minute tardiness. NBC has already awarded Vermont to Obama and Kentucky to McCain.


Will Conway said...

Just making sure my comments section is working... A few people emailed to say they were having trouble with that.

Kevin Dougherty said...

Yo whats up man. This is pretty fresh. Do you know if Shays won or not

Will Conway said...

They just started reporting, so it's too early to know, but things aren't looking so hot. I'm not worried yet, though.