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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At Shays' Office, The Calls Come In

I've been at the office for about ten minutes, and we have so far had eight calls from people at the polls. In Stamford, the Black Panthers are huddled around outside, apparently scaring the hell out of some. Polling locations are apparently "losing" the registrations of registered Republicans as well. It's a bit rediculous. I'm calling shananigans on this one. Also, a white woman claimed she had six African Americans in front of her, none of whom were asked for identification. When she got to the front of the line, she was asked for identification. The polsters claimed it invalid and refused to let her vote. Take that story with a grain of salt, though, I can't confirm it. The other points (the Plack Panthers and polls losing registrations) are proven.

UPDATE: Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link! Welcome, new readers!


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The Black Panthers are still around? I supposed they're all "education reformers" too now.

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Considering the two Black Panthers outside a polling location in Philly were national news, it's a bit hard to believe that there was a huddle of them in Stamford and no one besides you noticed.