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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Primaries

This morning in the NYTSenator Barack Obama would like to begin shutting down the nominating contest with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday night as two more states — Kentucky and Oregon — hold their primaries. But he wants to do it subtly.

He is getting close.

And this is an interesting statistic: Exit polls also showed 73 percent of white women were going for Clinton in that state’s primary, as were 74 percent of white voters with no college degrees.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to what your thoughts on this would be:

The blog is one that likely goes against many of your views, and you may disagree with the rhetoric of the post, but I wonder what your reaction is to the redlasso clip enclosed there.

Do you think HRC should distance herself from those who are voting for her as a result of *not* wanting to vote for someone who is black? In a general election between McCain and Obama, should McCain do the same? Given that such a comment--don't vote for me if you're just doing so to not vote for the black guy--wouldn't likely affect what voters do at the polls, is it worth saying?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's an example of people voting for HRC--and not Obama--for reasons of race:

I'm curious as to your perspective on this, in part, because your support of McCain might give you the ability to look at the situation of democrat in-fighting from an outside perspective. Of course, if the race ends up being one between Obama and McCain, this issue would be relevant to McCain supporters as well.

Finally, before the issue of black voters voting for Obama or women voters voting for HRC comes up, I'd push you to recognize the difference in these situations and the above, as black voters of both genders and women of varying races have been willing, and indeed have, voted for white men. In other words, the situations would be comparable if black folk and women hadn't ever voted in a presidential election.