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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Misunderstanding Racist Guilt

Megan McArdle:

"Note the way that Matt conflates feeling guilt over racism with caring about racism, or prioritizing its amelioration. These things are not the same. Plenty of conservatives (not to mention non-guilty liberals) conclude that personal guilt for the racism of others is nonsensical, but are horrified and moved to action when confronted by actual racism."

It's an interesting topic, liberal confusion. Very often in political debate, they seem to misunderstand - or intentionally misportray - the conservative view. This is a good example here by Megan.

"It's also worth noting that the presidential candidate who has done the most to exploit the racism of others this election season is liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton, whose campaign, though bullish on sexism, has spent a lot more time talking about how it is constrained by political correctness in its campaign against Barack Obama than being concerned with actual racism."

It's a slight contradiction, don't ya think?

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