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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kirsten Dunst - On Campus

Today after school, we got word that Kirsten Dunst was working on a movie (All Good Things, expected in 2009) on campus - my high school is technically on a college campus. A few friends and I made our way down to the trailers and hung around for a while. I used my Minuteman credentials to try to get in and talk to some people - maybe get an article out of the thing. (I was in until it started raining, and they ran out of time for me). Anyway, I did get to see Kirsten Dunst. It was awesome. I waved as she stepped into her trailer. She - get this - smiled and waved back. 

Yeah, not bragging or anything, but, uh, we kinda had a connection. It was cool.

So what if I'm a stargazer. 

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