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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Florida... Toiletpaper?

With all the old people in Florida doing nothing, the government down there is running out of things to do. To relieve their boredom, they are drawing up a law requiring that 'enough' toilet paper always be available in public restrooms.

The only problem is the bill doesn't dictate how much toilet paper is "enough."

(Thanks Drudge)

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BoBo said...

Victor Crist is an idiot! Being from the Tampa area..we actually heard about this before it hit drudge. The only thing I can think of why he wants to add this to the public health inspection is because he found himself in a stall..didn't look first..dropped his cable..then realized he had no way to wipe his ass! Getting the image yet?!?!? Slimy politician had to pull up his pants without wiping his ass..and had to sit in it till he went home...can we say skid marks!

I'm sure you being in Connecticut heard about that kid getting suspended for skittles...I ranted about it on my blog..go check it out!