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Monday, February 18, 2008

Thoughts on Quinnipiac

For all ten of you who visited RL today with the expectation of reading something new, I sincerely apologize. I was visiting Quinnipiac University. I have narrowed down schools to those with strong Communications departments, because, honestly, if blogging paid, I would blog for a living. It doesn't, but I'll live.  

Most communication majors (media studies, media production, journalism, etc.) take place in the Ed McMahon Center, named after it's donor, the one Ed McMahon. The walls are lined with photos of famous visitors such as Tim Russert, and the facilities are excellent. We were able to set up a meeting with Michael Calia, the director of the center, who who very kindly saw us through the entire building. He went from room to room, showing off endless state-of-the-art media technology. He actually got jittery with excitement upon showing us a room with the sexiest audio equipment probably in existence.

That was that. On top of the forest of evergreens and rickety bridge running over a trickling brook, there was this impeccable technology center.

I'm applying.


david.donnelly said...

Hi Will,

My name is David Donnelly, Dean of the School of Communications at Quinnipiac. I am glad your recent visit to the Ed McMahon Mass Communication Center went well. It is great news that you will be applying to the University. Please feel free to contact my Assistant Dean, Rick Hancock, (he is also a blogger!) if you have specific questions about any of the academic or extra-curricular opportunities we offer here in the School of Communications. Rick's email is

I wish you continued success and the best of luck with the college applications.

Dr. David Donnelly
Dean, School of Communications
Quinnipiac University
275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518

Will Conway said...

Thanks a lot!