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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Presidential Budget Increases

A few numbers on presidential budget increases:
  • While Obama is generally thought to be more moderate than Hillary, he will actually cost more. Hillary's programs will increase the federal budget by $212 billion, and Obama's agenda will be an obscene $287 billion.
  • The Huck, who is considered in many GOP circles to be the only remaining conservative in the race, has a plan that results in a $54.2 billion net increase.
  • The “liberal” John McCain, is the best of a poor lot. He will only pump up the budget by $6.9 billion.
From here and here.

And I didn't know:

A couple years ago Republicans were openly saying that deficits don't matter anymore. But there are lots of reasons they do. Just consider this: If Congress could just get back to the level of spending in the 1995 budget, it would be possible to totally eliminate the income tax.

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