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Saturday, February 23, 2008

State of the [race] Union

The annual State of the Black Union forum boasted a number of famous attendees in New Orleans on Saturday, but this year's event received much more attention for who wasn't there.

Naturally, Barack Obama... but what if John McCain accepted an invitation to the annual State of the White Union? He may actually regain the support of his lovely contemporaries, Coulter and Limbaugh, but somehow I think he'd lose the moderate vote.

KKK much?


Paddy Wallbouncer said...

If Barrack Obama was there, you would have heard rockstar applause. Maybe it was just camerawork, but whenever Hillary got applause there were always people sitting next to them sneering –or at best stoic, it seemed. Hillary did the right thing in the end to differentiate herself from Obama on the healthcare issue. She also needs to hammer on the points she made about the 90's. That is Hillary’s secret weapon, and she drew it (quite tactfully) at this meeting. Of course as they say in the securities business, Past results do not necessarily indicate future earnings. -just words.

charter member said...

why would Coulter and Limbaugh condone racism? Conservative DOES NOT equal racist. you were making an excellent point until you unfairly impuned the character of two people you've never met.

Hmm, unfairly impuning the character of conservatives...
I hear The New York Times is looking for political reporters.