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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tiger Attack

"Our Christmas is with him," she said. "No more Christmas."

Understandable. Their 17-year old son got randomly attacked and killed by a tiger at a zoo. What was he doing in the tiger cage? He wasn't. The tiger got out. Remind me not to go to a zoo ever again.

Watch a video of the parents here.

Who goes to a zoo on Christmas?

UPDATE: A single protester supports the tiger. RWV: Absolutely the animal rights idiot of the year.


Anonymous said...

Will, some people live in tiny apartments and have no extended family to celebrate the holidays. "Let's get out of apartment and spend family time at the zoo today!" That was special for that family. What a horrific scene to imagine. I was watching TV and some guy was saying that driving a car is more of a risk for fatality than going to the zoo, so folks need to put things in perspective - just a freak accident. I was kind of offended by his commentary. EVERYONE knows the risks of driving on the highway but no one would ever think that taking your teen ager to a zoo could end in a blood bath. I am so sad for the parents, their boy is gone and can't be replaced. I hope they are given generous compensation for their sorrow.

Will Conway said...

I know they do. But he was at the zoo with his friends. I mean that's ok, do what you want to do, but Christmas Eve at the zoo with friends instead of family?

I know ;)