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Monday, December 3, 2007

Narrow Miss

(Read all about it.)
Hugo Chavez could have a shot at becoming president for life if voters approve a sweeping overhaul of the constitution Sunday that would give him unchecked power to reshape Venezuela's government, economy and society.

Thank God that didn't happen, but even the potential is scary. Venezuela should take a serious look at its democratic process to make sure this can't happen again.

Voters rejected the 69 proposed amendments 51 percent to 49 percent.

Who are these 49%? What was going through their minds?


Joseph said...

While I also disagree with Hugo Chavez's attempt to grab for power, it's tough to deny his economic success. You can't deny how Hugo has dramatically improved the lives of Venezuela's large lower class with his wide sweeping reforms. You may disagree with their choice but attempt to look at it from their point of view. To the despairingly poor, relative economic prosperity can be worth much more that future choice in government.

Peter said...

His "sweeping reforms" took rights from the people that were naturally theirs. Yes, he helped the poor. But at the same time, he confiscated the rights of all for his own selfish gain. He may have helped the poor, but only as a result of changes made for himself.

Joseph said...

I assume, since both you and conway have denounced hugo for attempting to use a referendum to stay in power permanently, you're both also quite angry at Rudy Giuliani for attempting to do basically the same thing while mayor of New York?
Federal Branch member... attempting to adjust term limits laws to stay in power....
ring any bells?
If either of you reply, please know that if the words or any form of the words 9/11 or terrorism are used, I will start blocking you out. Rudy has only brought it up a million times, no one else has to.

Will Conway said...

(I'm agreeing with you, so don't block me out quite yet.)
Giuliani attempted to stay in power to take care of his country in a time of need.
With that said, I don't really think the city needed him as much as he thought. I can't speak for Peter, but don't like what Giuliani did with regards to staying in power as mayor of New York. (I'm a libertarian, it's against my nature.)I do, however, think what he did is much more acceptable than Chavez' attempt to extend term limits and claim bogus "times of crisis" to extend his already extensive reign of power.

Richard said...

I'm very glad that this failed. I don't think Chavez is all-bad, but what I'm afraid will happen (or even may already been happening) is that he is turning his successes into mandates for dictatorship.... Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.