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Monday, December 3, 2007

Huckabee and Faith

Read all about it.
Mike Huckabee is on fire. He has moved up quickly since the Republican debate, and is now just two points behind Giuliani. But don't look for a win here. His website alone is a turnoff.

My faith is my life - it defines me.

Okay, but unfortunately for you, faith barely defines the Catholic Church anymore, let alone our country. You say, "I see no separation between my faith from my personal and professional lives." When you run for the presidency, you are representing the ideas of all people, not your faith. Go home and google the word "represent." Than figure out if you really want this job.


Richard said...

I like what he says here, actually. It almost sounds like what Obama said in his book Audacity of Hope.

queenie said...

I completely believe in a separation between church and state so I thought I'd agree with Will regarding Huckabee's faith. But I agree with Richard. I like the message. Going onto Huckabee's website I thought
I 'd be turned off but I wasn't at all. When Huckabee talks about faith, I don't feel like he is pushing his religion per se and he doesn't come off as a fanatic. You gotta have faith, however one chooses to define it for himself or herself. It is refreshing. He seems like good people.