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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Voting 'Present' Once More? Not Really, No.

Obama has yet to decide on his cabinet, but:

But the cautious decision-making style and refusal to leap into the fray should come as no surprise. After all, candidate Obama during the financial meltdown viewed events from afar and refused to weigh in for weeks on the propriety of the AIG bailout. (No word yet on whether he likes the re-bailout better than the original.) And, of course, Obama took flak in the campaign for voting “present” over a hundred times in the Illinois State Senate.

It's an interesting article, but there appears to be one glaring hole. Why, exactly, do we want Obama to jump the gun on picking cabinet members? He still has a few months before he even takes office. I'd prefer he take his time, research thoroughly the best man for the job, and make an educated decision. Scrambling for people is not yet necessary nor is ever desirable. People also seem to forget that past president-elects have waited quite a bit longer than Obama has so far. 

Give the man time, he has it.

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