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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Video Comments...

 I made and posted this video on Youtube about a year ago. Read through the comments now. It is the most vile, ignorant conversation I have ever eavesdropped on. These are unedited, so if you must, put your earmuffs on:

"finally someone who has done some research... i agree man, if your a muslim in the world and your not killing infidels, you are pissing off alah. that is why its so easy to turn muslims into extreamists. because the quran says this shit. they say to kill everyone else if they dont convert or pay the tupance of an unbeliever."


"The Americans gave the Iraqi's freedom not they will use that freedom to murder us all.
Islamic scumbags...
This whole war is a joke, we shouldn't have declared war on terror but on Islam.
We will avenge our death and multiply it with the blood of Muslim heathens.
And there Allah will not help them."

"The reason there are wars is cause there a raciost people like you in this world. I am a proud american and i thank my freedom. but least we gave it to them. maybe they will hold on to it. I agree we shouldnt of gone in but batavian the reason there are wars is cause there is hate and terror (hitler,tojo,stalin,pol pot,) they all hated man"

I am almost positive none of the above people managed to put together a coherent sentence. 

On a lighter note, I rewrote my 'About Me' post. Read it.

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Anonymous said...

i wrote the top one. i am coherent. if you read the quran youd see im not lying. thank you