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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ugh, The Disrespect

At the office of a defeated Congressman, you would expect calls from disappointed supporters expressing their regret for his loss, liberals admitting he really was right for Connecticut, and independents expressing their condolences, right?


The calls pretty much follow this general path:

Me: Congressman Shays' office, this is Will.

Idiot: Uh, hi. I was looking for tickets to Obama's inauguration.

Me: Well, since the recent defeat of the Congressman, we are no longer able to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, end AIDS in Africa, or help you with your selfish needs. But I can direct you to Senators Dodd or Lieberman, although I must inform you that your selfish needs may be put behind those of Senator Dodd, so I would recommend calling Lieberman.

Idiot: Oh, okay, can I have his number?

Me: No. [Click]

As you can see, we have turned into a very angry Congressional office.

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