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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hide & Seek Ramblings

So I am currently hidden in a closet in a massive family game of Hide & Seek, and I have established myself relatively unfindable. I'll take this moment, then, to reflect on a few realizations I've made over the past few days. We had a great family discussion last evening. It was one of those when the candles are burning down, the wine is low, and the children are off playing games in some faraway room. I have long since been promoted into the world of "grown-up time," a world every child dreams of being a part. 
I have an uncle who played in the NBA for eight years. He was of the lucky few who made it and, while he was and is naturally talented, being 7 feet tall never hurt his chances. But he gets phone calls from old friends on a regular basis. Phone calls begging for money. Phone calls looking for legal counsel on unpaid child support. Phone calls looking for job references for Home Depot and Taco Loco... references Marty is completely unprepared and unwilling to write. This has inspired a new movement in my mind. It's one that may die within the next 48 hours, or it may survive to its completion. I plan now to write a book on the untold story of the underbelly of professional and Division I college athletics. The untold story that desperately needs to be revealed. Hopefully, I'll get this done. I want to. Badly.

I'm hearing calls of "Will! We give up," so more on this later. I'm "it" now.

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