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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gore? No... Please, No

An interesting Op-Ed at the Washington Post puts Al Gore in the secretary of state spot:

If there is a single appointment Barack Obama could make to signal how dramatically things will change in Washington, it would be to name Albert Gore Jr. -- former House member, former senator, former vice president, former presidential nominee and current Custodian of the Planet -- as secretary of state.

But, in doing so, Obama would signify that his most important - possibly sole - task as Commander-in-Chief would be to join forces with the likes of John Mayer and other celebrities to "go green." A respectable goal, no doubt, but really, the most important the world faces? Iraq is on the brink of civil war, Iran and North Korea are threatening nuclear destruction and the bloody death of Israel, Russia is flexing its muscles at anyone who will look, and thousands are dying to epidemics and genocide in Africa. Somehow, I'm thinking saving the trees and monkeys with recycled paper and controversial movies should not be task #1. 

Also, Gore's recent Oscar and step toward the world  of Michael Moore & Grammy Awards would bring a certain Hollywoodification to the White House that I really doubt the world can afford right now. More on that later (if Gore gets the spot).

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