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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blanca & Bobo

Blanca does the funniest state-by-state breakdown I have ever read. Check it out. I don't agree with her on... pretty much anything, but add her to your list of "must reads." She's refreshingly hilarious, and a good break from some of the punch drunk conservatives out there (didn't mean to single you out like that Mr. Bobo, you know I love you. Can we still be friends?).

To redeem myself from the wrath of a Republican Clown, I will also recommend you read The Bobo Files, whom I linked to above under "punch drunk conservatives." He is also hilarious. But, obviously, a Republican. And a clown. Sort of a scary combination, so surf at your own risk.

1 comment:

The BoBo said...

No prob Wil! :) You know I don't take anything personally. Besides, any publicity is better than no publicity in my book.

Also - not a Republican - Conservative? An emphatic yes - but not a Republican. Gave up that affiliation a while ago.

Thanks for the link!