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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's Embarrassing

I just checked my recent site statistics to see how few of my readers are still around; just seeing what I have left to work with. I was shocked and, well, insulted, to learn that I have actually quadrupled my readership without actually, ya know, writing. 

It seems that most of the hits are coming from a google link to this post from last December. Whatever, the stats make me look good. I'll live.


The BoBo said...

Glad to see ya back Will! I've been neglecting our Big Boom Blogger thing. Sorry! My blog has taken off tremendously - plus - I've been added as a contributor to other blogs so - sorry about that! I will try to post something up over there soon!

Anyway - don't you just love how google works that way? I have a few lingering that still pull in a few hits - plus - every once in a while an old post gets stumbled by somebody and it starts the run all over again!

How are things going up in your Blue state? :)

Will Conway said...

Thanks, BoBo, it's good to be back. Yea, BBB seems to be all but a lost cause. I'm willing to take it back up if others are, but it's not exactly a top priority....

That's awesome that you're doing well. I haven't been in the blogosphere recently with all this crazy college apps stuff, so it's always good to hear that a good one catches on. I do love that with google - it's a wonderful thing!

Eh, things are alright up here - blue as ever. It's looking as though there's a good shot the last Republican in New England will be gone on the 4th, and he just so happens to be the Congressman I'm working for, so that stinks.

How's it all going there?