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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a Thought

Sarah's a hockey mom. She implies that she cooks for her children. Just out of curiosity, how does she manage this with a 20 hour drive frin Juneau to Wasilla each evening? I was unaware governors had the ability to warp the space-time continuum.

I logically assume she spends the week in Juneau and the weekend in Wasilla. If that's the case, who is taking care of the five month old down syndrome child and the pregnant 17-year-old? Daddy's off winning "snow-machine" races, and the article I just linked to, while a little old, suggest Mrs. Palin is doing most of the house keeping.

It's just got me curious.


The BoBo said...

Hey Will - They all live in the Governor's mansion in Juneau. If you saw her speech, she did mention that when they moved in she fired the chef.

Will Conway said...

I did, but the kids still go to Wasilla public schools, implying they still live there.