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Saturday, May 24, 2008


I got a 1940 on the SATs. That's a 1340 on the old 1600 scale, for all you old-school readers who can't figure that out.
  • 730 on critical reading (yes!)
  • 610 on mathematics (eh, I'm not much of a math guy)
  • 600 on writing (what the hell).
I'm taking it again to get those last two up. Colleges look at the combined score (best score on each section from all tests), so the 730 stands no matter how I do the second time around. I'm looking to break 2000. 


Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up about the writing score. Those who write well under other circumstances--the sort that make great history or English majors, that can become journalists, editors, grant-writers, freelance writers, authors, professors, and all sorts of writerly things--often don't do well on standardized writing tests.

That said, if you have the time and resources to take the test again, go for it. Great scores still open a lot of doors, even though those in admissions know they're not everything. (Some schools, for example, exempt students from otherwise required expository writing classes if they do well on the A.P. English exam or get above a certain SAT score.)

A friend who worked in admissions told me that they often posted the worse "personal statement" essays on a wall for posterity, and so they'd have something to laugh at when things got dull. They didn't, however, post the scores, good or bad.

Things will end up ok in any case.

Will Conway said...

Hope so, thanks a lot!