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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Attention Hippy-Crites

I just read this article (thanks to Glenn Reynolds) on the Hollywood left's hypocritical loonies (this article calls them hippy-crites, but I'm sure we can come up with something better than that). Anyway, I thought I would take this opportunity to rant and rave about these nut jobs. 
Here's the thing. I love liberal hippies. The long haired, global warming obsessed tree-hugger liberals honestly make the world go round. Those who walk their talk, and smoke it too. They are, quite truly, some of the most simple living and happiest people in the world. I also believe we need people around to tell us when we're messing with the environment too much. (I think environmental issues are important, I just think, for the most part, government restrictions aren't necessary because these are issues that can be dealt with in the private sector. Again, for the most part, for all those about to call me out.) These environmental prophets are good people; honest people. We need them in our world.
It's the gas-guzzling liberals that get to me. Really, come on. If you're going to scream and yell about the environment, don't fly the private jet every flight, just make it once or twice a month. At least make it sound like you care about the issue you've decided to knock my block off about. These celebrities (ehem, stage right) dominate the television with their nonsensical gibberish, but don't manage to practice what they preach. And their prominence is what keeps them in the spotlight. They are like cockroaches; they disturb everyone and make the world a crappier place; they never go away. They use their power and wealth and prestige to keep themselves on ET and NBC to continue their nonsense. Then they find themselves on Oprah and The View, where they wave to a group of brainwashed blind bats cheering them and their private 747 on. And then they shove unwanted information into my ear hole via television. They rape my ear. 

No means no.


Anonymous said...

" It's the gas-guzzling liberals that get to me. "

I'm pleased to discover that we actually agree on something! When I lived in a more urban area, I walked and used public transportation all the time. In my current home, which is not as pedestrian-oriented, I ride my bike as much as possible.

My spouse and I share a car, and have opted to live in a smaller place (partially to build up our savings in this unsure economy) even though we could afford a bigger place. A lot of or friends, who consider themselves liberal, think that we're strange for both of these things.

I'm also sort of troubled by stars who buy gigantic houses and tout them as "green," when a major factor that affects a home's carbon footprint is its size, LEED certification or not.

Carol said...

Couldn't agree more!