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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Job, Marty Parrish

It seems that the guy who asked this question, Marty Parrish, was the campaign office manager for Joe Biden and is now an Obama supporter.

Gateway Pundit: "Gee... Do you think if this would have been a Republican operative sneaking into an Obama town hall event asking offensive questions it might get some press?"

Oh, Gateway Pundit found his blog, too!

And here is a picture of him with Biden, just in case there were any doubters. Ah, the beauty of the internet... shouldn't have given the reporter your name, dumbass.

1 comment:

Val said...

I put my name out there so slimy lizard fart mcCain could find me.

A real man doesn't answer a direct question. He puts his lizard tail up his ass and turns away from the inquiring eyes of the questioner.

McCain is a real man, so as I believe myself to be a real man, and not some Cosmic Christ or I AM shit, I gave him my name.

That way we can call me when he feels better. I take it must have suprised him a little what with him being short and all.

Anyway. I felt the personal need to make sure that McCain understood fully that I was calling him out. By giving him my name he can return the favor and call me out.

I am prepared to meet him anytime, anyplace, anywhere in the entire world. Including the center of Osama Bin Laden's hideout.

Most people don't know that W, Dick and Rumy hid the great one so that our war for oil could go on a hundred years. You see, they are attempting to suck every drop of oil out of Iraq and into Halliburton.

Why? W feels the need to show his daddy, H Bush, that he is a real man too and can defend himself. Really, though, H Bush and Ronald Wilson Reagan, both, know W is a little man.


Thanks for telling me what a good job I did. I am not a perfect man as you can see from my lack of spelling checkers.

Keep in touch with yourself from time to time. It will help that headache you have.


Elegance with Class,

That's Me!

Marty Tarrel Parrish