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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Farm Bill Overthrow

A $290 billion law overrode a Bush veto today. Rod Williams has some interesting comments here.

Gotta love the stab by Yahoo at the Democratic Congress that can't staple its papers:

"Omitted from the $290 billion, five-year law because of a printing mistake was a small amount of money to address a growing global hunger crisis. Democrats only realized the mistake on Wednesday, just before the House voted 316-108 to override Bush's veto.

The Senate joined the override Thursday with a 82-13 vote. Eager to begin a Memorial Day vacation, the issue of helping starving countries was left for another day."

Probably one of the funnier articles I've read. The bill is literally a big pile of pork, so I'm not disappointed, but if I got to choose what would be left off, I would have preferred the "mandatory labeling of country of origin on meats" over ya know, saving people and stuff.

"Republicans and the White House accused the Democrats of incompetence."

Damn, I would hope so...

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