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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Catastrophe?

In IcelandThe U.S. Geological Survey said the 6.1 magnitude quake hit at 3:46 p.m., with its epicenter near the town of Selfoss, 30 miles east, southeast of the capital, Reykjavik.

China, Myanmar, and now Iceland? It's obviously Armageddon.

UPDATE: This guy was there.

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Anonymous said...

Only two months ago, Bjork announced on a Shanghai stage her support for a FREE TIBET. A Tibet free from China's rule and a return to the day's of leadership under the Dali Lama.

And now an earthquake strikes Bjork's homeland of Finland. Coincidence? I think not. Karma wreaks her deadly wrath despite Sharron Stone's denials.

Soon after Bjork's public proclamation, an uprising of the Dali Lama's supporters plunged Lhasa into turmoil. Rampaging monks and followers stabbed and beat many Han Chinese and ethic minority Muslims to their death. They set fire to business and homes and many died a horrific death in the flames. Many observers recorded their shock and horror in blogs and messages sent over the internet. Surprised that the mainstream news was reporting a crackdown by the Chinese authorities, while they said 'what I saw were ethnic Tibetans on a rampage, attacking any minority ethnic Chinese or Muslim and killing several'. To my surprise, NO mainstream news ever reported any of these eyewitness statements on the internet, radio, or television to my knowledge. On the contrary, they all reported only of a China Government crackdown after a (as many characterized it) 'a peaceful uprising of monks'. Even more surprising were the images presented along with the print articles and the broadcast news. Pictures of uniformed troops beating monks with batons and other images of violent action by the military/police against what are clearly unarmed monks in robes. However, almost all images clearly showed Nepal military personnel, in Nepalese uniforms. The remaining images showed personnel in India police uniforms. I am certain that almost all viewers assumed that these pictures were of Chinese Troops using undue force during the current Tibet uprising.

I could go on and describe the institutionalized slavery, rampant polygamy, class-based society which existed in traditional Tibet (akin to India, along with their 'untouchable' class). Suffice to say...

Bjork started this wave of terrorism - and KARMA RESPONDS!!!