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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Overpaid. Way Overpaid.

At $28 million a year, A-Rod makes much more than the 33-member Marlins opening day squad (a total that includes its disabled list), which will take home a relatively shallow pool of $21.8 million in 2008.



charter member said...

overpaid says who? the market?
Giambi makes $23mm and Jeter makes $21mm.

No one held a gun to either party to the contract. The demand to watch Yankees baseball more than pays for the contract. You didn't sign the contract to pay A-Rod, so how can you possibly say he's overpaid? I'm sure the Yankees business people looked at the pure economics of the deal and came to the conclusion that paying A-Rod that money was net-net positive to the bottom line. They're business people and they're not in the business of losing money.

You may hear that the economics of the A-Rod contract proves that American society places too much emphasis on sports and entertainment. "We should pay our best teachers more because they have a greater impact on our children than A-Rod."
However, society has decided, based on their purchase of Yankee tickets vs paying more taxes for teachers salaries, where their priorities lie. This priority isn't right or wrong, it simply is.

Will Conway said...

No shit.

I don't have a technical or economic problem. It's purely morals.