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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama is, Actually, Crazy

I just watched this video of Obama and realized the man is legitimately crazy.

IMAO: He wants to end missile defense, hinder development of better weapons for the military, and actually believes in the fantasy of there being no nuclear weapons? Holy crap.

I've especially never gotten idiot liberals' opposition to missile defense. Other countries have nuclear missiles. We don't want to get hit by nuclear missiles. So let's make a defense to nuclear weapons.

No? That would be warmongering? Not wanting to get hit by nuclear weapons is warmongering? Are you retarded?

I thought conservatives were supposed to be anti-science or something, but liberals seem to be quite against the logical progression of technology when it's, you know, useful.

I guess he really hopes we'll never be attacked, otherwise be prepared for some violent change!

Uh.. what he said (points to IMAO).

1 comment:

David Steele said...

Obama isnt crazy, he is making sense regarding dis-armourment.

By the way it takes one to know one!