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Monday, March 10, 2008

Buckle Up, I'm Thinking

Recently, I began to stray from direct support of any candidate, primarily because I wasn't sure... I wasn't really sure about anything... who to support, how to support them, and moral blocks I had... but I have come to a conclusion, and it's one I think I knew I would arrive at all along.

The thought that McCain may be another Bush has held me from enthusiastically jumping in with two feet behind him. But this rationalization no longer suffices me any more. McCain has been one who, like it or not, always heard out his opposition. He absorbs ideas from both parties, and arrives at conclusions based on his own inner compass. He has learned to trust that compass, whether it tilts right or left (it happens to lean right approximately 86% of the time, for any of you who care to call me out).

Interviewing Christopher Shays last month opened my eyes a little. I understand, and have more fully understood since the interview, that McCain is a man of true character. See, I always knew this, but I recently realized character is actually more than I thought. It involves actually thinking issue to issue, case to case. Character isn't black or white, it's a shade of gray (a weird, maroon-like shade of grade, but gray nonetheless).

So as this is my first serious and lengthy post in quite some time, I may actually be putting you to sleep by now. My fault, just godda knock the rust off those wheels... but no, I'm not done.

On to the ability to unite. I have recently decided that this is, by far and away, the most important quality in a candidate. A divisive leader will be a lame duck in the modern era; a president who can unite and pass bills will be the one who gets some wind in the sails of this motorless boat that is Congress. I'm not talking about divisiveness within a party (I hope you know I understand it would be impossible to support McCain in such a circumstance), but divisiveness within a nation. In the recent era of 51-49 elections and a red/blue divide that rattles patriotism to no end, a strong, charismatic, war-torn Rough Riders president is really what we need. This country hasn't seen patriotism since Michael Moore went to the big screen, and that's really something that needs to come back to some degree. Patriotism can no longer be synonymous with naivety. So, just running through the candidates, I'll throw parties to the wind and base my judgment solely on divisiveness

Quite obviously, love or hate Hillary, unity is clearly something she cannot provide. So cross her of the list.

Obama. That's an interesting thought. With the raging Obamarama syndrome right now, many have been caught up in the minority, come-from nothing fairy-tale Mulatto Stallion (sorry, Rocky reference), thinking he has unity in the bag. I know, I used to agree... strongly. But take a deeper look, and realize his unity is a brand that applies to only a small minority of the population. The right will be cynical from the start, and the former Hillary supporters will take shots at his (nonexistent) political experience. Not to mention, many conservatives (including myself) will find it difficult to get past his extreme liberalism no matter what he does. So, let's regretfully cross out Obama.

And then there's McCain. McCain is conservative. He always has been. He was one of the first who wanted to go to Iraq, he was one of the few who still wants to be there (which, admittedly, will rarely be swallowed by anything to the left of Coulter). But the man knows how to negotiate. He is one of the few conservative out there who can really get stuff done. This comes from his incredibly rare ability to reason with the liberal mind. Just ask Rush Limbaugh; the guy gets along with nutjobs. On top of this, he is one of the most honorable and respectable man in our military. Watch this video. Yes, it's propaganda, but it's true. No lie.

That's all there is to say. If you don't like McCain now, I doubt you speak English. I am exhausted, good night.

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wow, excellent thought process.