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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yael Naim... The Blogosphere has a Problem

Yael Naim's song is now #1 on iTunes. We have a problem...

Does the (political) blogosphere choose to love or hate her?

You see, she is genetically a bizarre, ironically mixed-up match of heritages, of which I am sure no one in the online journal world will be able to understand. She is, get this... half Israeli, half French.

On one hand, we have the blood of the post World War II kick-ass Israeli spirit and on the other, we see a white flag waving fervently above a curly moustache and an obnoxiously elegant accent. 

Good luck to bloggers everywhere with this. According to her bio, she was raised in Israel, so I'll jump on her bandwagon.

As a side note, her lyrics are incredibly confusing...

"I'm a new soul; I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take but since I came here fellt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake."

Coming from the ultimate "take" nation of Israel and the ultimate "give" nation of France, what in hell inspired her to come to America? In Israel, she just witnessed President Bush stop by to forge a relationship and leave, never to return again. In France, she has witnessed us boycott all her goods, most notably her wine (I'm trying to be objective... I am fully in favor of the now nonexistent boycott), and our riots after their sale of weapons to Iraq. In all reality, America would be my first choice for most things, but not so much if I were in search of a place to learn to "give and take."


FishHawk said...

I love the song; and I do believe that you-all should give the French a break. For where would WE be if their fleet had not of kept the British from resupplying Gen. Cornwallis at Yorktown??? Besides: there would have not been any reason for a surrender unto Hitler if WE had of wanted to be better allies before it got that far.

FishHawk said...

I must say that you keep impressing me. For to acknowledge dissenting opinions is a sign of good character: certainly not a "surrender" of your own position.

Will Conway said...