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Saturday, February 16, 2008

NIU and Gun Laws

The mysterious woman over at Neo-Neocon wrote an interesting piece regarding liberty v. safety in response to a slew of recent murders. She says:

Did I write “gun?” My error. Because the Faughey murder illustrates that where there’s a will, there’s a way; guns are quite unnecessary.

The murder she is referring to, of course, is that of a psychologist in New York City killed by one of her patients. (Sixth Sense, anyone?) To understand that guns aren't necessary in murder seems like a relatively simple concept. As demonstrated in the recent Northern Illinois shootings, guns very often are a safety valve. You see, the guns Kazmierczak possessed in his murder rampage were actually purchased legally. Had a student in the room or the professor in his desk had a gun, the stories coming out of Illinois in past days would be that of courage and valor to save the lives of fellow humans.

But no.

We must see the tears because guns are so restricted. Clearly, these intense restrictions don't rule out the bad guys, simply deter the normal.

What a shame.

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