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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul: Why He Isn't Racist

If Glenn Reynolds has reported the various statements from Ron Paul with his usual level of accuracy, I am ashamed at the representation of my party in tonight's debate. With that said, I'm on to fulfilling my promise of explaining the anti-racist libertarian:

Ron Paul has been accused of racism and bigotry based on a number of documents (most likely forged. I'm smelling another Rathergate) that made hideous remarks about Martin Luther King, Jr., among other people.

These terrible accusations are based upon a very false image of the libertarian mindset. Libertarians are often considered racists by liberals for our clear lack of willingness to do anything in support of minorities. How, they say, can you consider yourself the "antithesis of racism" when you refuse to support systems such as affirmative action? The answer is quite simple. Affirmative action is racism. Just because, say, a fire department is predominantly white and Irish doesn't mean that blacks are being rejected from jobs. It means that the people getting jobs so happened to be white. When affirmative action came about, tests were altered in favor of blacks, and they still had difficulty passing these exams. All this means is that the extensive experience of Irishman as firemen in New York City just so happens to beat out that limited experience of the blacks in the same area. That's tough. If I'm in a burning building, I want to be saved by someone who can do their job right, not someone who passed the test because the standards were lowered for his or her group's benefit.

Lowering standards for blacks is racism in its most pure form. It almost suggests in itself that blacks are incapable of beating whites. It also puts certain people in positions they shouldn't be in, and in the fire situation, lives can very easily be lost because of it.

You see, racism exists among liberals, they just claim anything less than what they demand is racism. Libertarianism is pure, it lends itself to no race, being completely objective. For Ron Paul to be accused of racism is ridiculous and proves this bizarre liberal twist is a hoax.

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