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Friday, January 4, 2008

Democratic Summary

A comment on a post here:

Senator Rodham-Clinton is not qualified for any office; she belongs in jail with her rapist husband.

Obama has no experience.
Edwards is a vain prima-donna.
Kucinich is a Communist.
Dodd and Biden are just in there to hear themselves pontificate.

The only qualified Democrat is Bill Richardson...

Considering Richardson apparently wants his voters to go the "no experience" direction, how qualified could he really be?

Dodd and Biden dropped out.

As much as I dislike Hillary, "rapist" is a little harsh.

The others are pretty much spot-on.


Anonymous said...

wow you just made yourself look really stupid by quoting a comment from an article, I guess that's what you right wing nutjobs have to resort to.

Richard said...

These labels are exactly what dumbs-down and cheapens the political process. I wish people would stop taking any notice of them because they're all wrong.

Will Conway said...


I'm not even a right winger, so I guess we're both on the 'stupid' level.
Quoting a comment is bad? The best do it all the time, and I found it interesting. I made a few corrections.


Yeah some of the stereotypes here are ridiculous, but they have meaning behind them. I don't really think Kucinich is a communist.

queenie said...

Hey Anonymous,
I hate when nameless individuals express critical opinions. Passive aggressive, and a little spineless, isn't it? Like the Wizard said "IGNORE THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN" ...sheesh! We'll just ignore your comments.

I enjoy reading blogs that quote the comments of others because i don't have time to surf around and read everything out there. This blog offers a great cross section of info and opinions and I really enjoy reading it - keep it up!

I'm not a big fan of Hillary but I don't think she belongs in jail. Bill was accused of rape by some chick at a hotel. I can't remember her name but I remember she got a nose job after the whole ordeal. He said - she said. Who knows what really happened? But Bill has been in trouble so many times with his quest for sex, he has no credibility in my mind.