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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daddy's in the Middle East and Israel and Palestine Still Whine

Sorry for never pointing out Bush is in the Middle East, attempting to resolve this Israel/Palestine mess. Anyway...

"Earlier Wednesday, an Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza killed two Palestinians and wounded four others, a move the Israeli army said was taken in response to Palestinian militants who had bombarded the rocket-scarred southern Israeli city of Sderot with rocket and mortar fire."

It's like two year olds complaining to their mommy that "well, he started it!" "No! He started it!" I do support Israel, but this back and forth is getting irritating.

"...he said that both sides 'are very seriously trying to move forward' on a deal."

Not that it will ever work. They've been in negotiations since Israel was created after WW2.

Read all about it.

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