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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ron Paul on "The View"

This is my guy. He is a pro-life libertarian. I couldn't be more supportive.

What bothers me is that there is no one who says, 'Here's what we can do,' because you know, you have all these children, what are we going to do with them? If everybody has the kids, the churches don't want to take them; nobody wants them.

Actually, Whoopi, for every single birth mother, there are caring families lined up out the door to adopt. We have about four or five potential couples for each one of these children in our country. My mother was financially incapable of raising me. She could have aborted me or put me up for adoption. I wouldn't be typing this if she aborted me.


Richard said...

I used to really like Ron Paul, but he's cooled to me recently. I think a lot of his small government stuff, while some of it is a step in the right direction, the rest of it seriously puts people at risk in the United States and abroad. I think that the government does have a role to play in people's lives, and I do believe that some government programmes have really helped people. I think the idea that we should abolish the FBI and the CIA is just absurd.

At the same time, I would be very interested in watching a Ron Paul Presidency, and if he were elected, he would be the first truly revolutionary President we've had in many years.

Richard said...

Oh, and as for the abortion issue, I have been tending to the "pro-life" side, as of late, though I really do hate the labels (however, I guess they sound nicer than anti-abortion and pro-abortion).

It's such a hot-button subject, but I can't really see too many circumstances where (at least) giving the baby for adoption wouldn't be more preferable than terminating it (the exceptions that I see are for a mother's life). You, of course, are a living embodiment of why people should choose adoption. I want to adopt when I'm older, and I wish more people did. I'm not sure how accurate the lining-at-the-door picture is that you paint, but if that's true, that is heartening.