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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oprah for Obama

Read all about it.

So Oprah has decided to back Obama. The choice of who she chose to back isn't nearly as surprising as the fact that she even chose to back someone. This is one of the few times Oprah has actually decided to support a candidate in anything. But who better for Oprah than an black education enthusiast?

"Oprah has an army out there that really listens. She's one of the great marketing machines in history."

Look for a Barack boom in the near future. Hillary, be afraid.


Anonymous said...

Barack HUSSEIN Obama?
Once a Muslim, always a Muslim?
Give it a search... you'll see ..

Richard said...

Oh please, anonymous. Mr Obama's story is the story of the American Dream, and if you're so ignorant to label his middle name as a disqualification for the Presidency, then you're in a very, very bad position.