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Monday, December 3, 2007

Hillary's Good Will

"I have not been planning to run for President for however number of years some of the other candidates have been planning for."

"Senator Obama's campaign rhetoric is getting in the way of his reality... In kindergarten, Senator Obama wrote an essay titled 'I Want to Become President.'"

I feel I did my job, I'll turn it over to Power Line.


Joseph said...

This story amused me also... a significat misstep. Goes to show you, no matter how much I love Clinton, she's not the inevitable frontrunner that both the media and the republicans think she is.
I highly doubt she has any actual illusions on the subject, I think personally she just thought she'd be able to capture the nomination easiest (obviously)if she could make it look like couldn't be beat.

Richard said...

That was a stupid move. It's not quite "I was for the war before I was against it," but a few more of these and she will seem much less like the viable Democratic candidate (thank goodness!).