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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Apologize Video

I just put this video on youtube.

Maybe that was blogger suicide, who really knows? But I'm not anything significant, so I'm not losing too much.

Let it be known: I know the surge is working. But we've been there for four years, it's about time something worked. "Something went right" just isn't a good enough reason to stay to me. I also know it isn't a one day thing; it will take time.

We just need to start.

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Richard said...

I'm glad you have come to this conclusion; however, it may not be too late to be successful. Redeploying troops from Iraq does not necessarily mean failure, and in fact, if we have the right infrastructure and monitors in the country, Iraq may get on quite well. Then again, it could also fall into further sectarian violence. I think people need to look at withdrawal as more than just throwing up our hands in the air, and I blame the Dems in the Congress for not making this clear.